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No password required: authenticate using Github access tokens

Erik Pischel
Professional programming since 2000, mostly Enterprise Java backed web apps.
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You are using Github as remote git repository? This article explains how to use an access token to authenticate yourself instead of username+password.

Create an access token

On, navigate to the setting menu of your Github profile. From there, choose “Developer Settings” and then “Personal Account Tokens”.

Here you are able to create a personal account token:

create new token

Select scope “repo”.

The token you created is presented to you. Save it to you credentials store (like KeePass).

Use the token

The token is part of the remote url of the repository. The URL has this form:
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e.g. for a repo of mine and suppose the token is “token1234567890”:
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When you are using the token in the remote URL you won’t be prompted for your password.

Good luck with your repo on Github!

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