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I'm almost exclusively working from home these days.

Sometimes I miss my commute as a mental transition between work life and private life.

I miss the office equipment: 2 large monitors, ergonomic keyboard, a proper office chair and a desk I can lower / raise so I can work while standing, too. The last few days I literally worked in our bedroom at an improvised desk and a uncomfortable chair, typing on a laptop keyboard, staring at a laptop screen

I've got a lot of telephone conferences. The pro here is that I can do more than in person meetings, like walk around, putting the dishes away or playing the guitar.

So I think ideally I would like to 50% work from home and 50% in the office.


I definitely agree offices tend to have better working conditions compared to most people's homes. Personally, I find being in an office space better because it emphasizes that there's work to be finished, puts one in a routine (thus one appreciates weekends even more 😌 ) & helps one learn more from actual human interaction than virtual

When all of this normalizes, would you approach your commute (assuming it's public transport) the same way as before?

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