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C# Gains Ground: Challenging Java's Dominance

In October 2023, C# is in close competition with Java in popularity, highlighting Microsoft's significant advancements with this language. What are the reasons behind this success, and what advantages do you see in continuing to use Java instead of C# for your projects? Would you be willing to objectively evaluate C# as a viable option for your projects in the future?


Here I leave you some very good things I see about Microsoft, .NET, and C#.

C# provides modern language features that allow programmers to write secure, readable, maintainable code with the required performance. What's new in C#

NET is a robust, cross-platform, free, and open-source ecosystem. .NET

Microsoft is highly committed to providing high-quality tools to create applications, so we have at hand Visual Studio Community Edition, which is free, and we have the Professional and Enterprise editions See the Visual Studio website.

We also have the free IDE Visual Studio Code that provides a good programming experience for developers who enjoy doing almost everything using commands and the console (bash, git bash, PowerShell, node, command prompt). See the Visual Studio Code website

These IDEs are extensible, so you can create your own extensions or use any of your preferences in the Marketplace

And, if you don't want to use these IDEs you can use a different one, or even you can create a .NET application using a notepad and compile it using the .NET API in a console. .NET CLI Overview

Finally, you can find extensive training for all levels, beginners, intermediates, and advanced profiles on the Microsoft Learn site. These trainings go from basic programming topics to architectural guidelines for enterprise applications.

Thank you for reading and happy coding!

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