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What part of conferences or meetups is most important to you?

ericadamski profile image Eric ・1 min read

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I have been building out a competitor to for the past month called Since I was going to compete directly with I created the roadmap for Flawk to reflect that. I started to feel like I had this massive up hill battle to re-create all of's features. The more I talked to people in the community the more I realized that my goals for Flawk were more directly aligned with the problems I was seeing in tech meetups.

I have decided to reposition to focus on tech meetups only! Our short term goals of getting Flawk into a beta have not changed, there is some crossover with functionality, but is does change our focus soon after. As I am reworking the copy/marketing for Flawk I wanted to go right to the source of one of the best developer communities and ask for your opinion.

What part of conferences or meetups is most important to you?

If you have any other comments or suggestions about what you would like to see in a technology focused please comment below!

We are currently under development, you can follow along on Youtube, Twitch, and I will be sending out a weekly newsletter about the state of Flawk and my current growth/failures/struggle.

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Cristina Ruth • Edited

As an organizer, I would like:

  • More reliable count of attendees. Meetup UI encourages people to RSVP yes. I like Facebook events where you can specify your interest to “save” the event.
  • Discoverability to new members is important.
  • Customizable information that I can ask attendees and also a way to export/download them.
  • Mailing list of “interested” event attendees, all “rsvp yes” attendees, all members and all members who have/have not interacted with any of our events for the past 3+ months.
  • Markdown in event description!
  • A more special way to thank sponsors without having to pay extra $$.
  • A way to find a venue for my event. (vs me finding them on my own)

As an attendee:

  • A way to put on my calendar an event I am interested in.
  • A way to filter potential events around me by event type. i.e talks, workshops, panels, hands on, socials etc.
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Eric Author

This so amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond ♥️

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Mark Kop

Lightning Talks (talks about anything - usually related to tech - with 5-10 minutes) are the best part of meetups and devconfs for me. I can learn a lot and even share some small learnings and tools

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Eric Author

Awesome! Thanks for writing ♥️