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ericadamski profile image Eric ・1 min read

I have decided to write less on Which seems like a ridiculous statement given how good of a platform it is. Here is my reasoning.

I have a new day job that does not involve coding, like at all. Most of what I do outside of work is build my company, which involves some coding but nothing of immense value yet. But I still want to write. So I created a new blog called Attempts.. There I will be posting about my life as a father, my business development and current day job goings on - which will be very interesting in the coming months.

I wrote my first post, I would love it if y'all could take a look and give me some feedback! The blog is open source and based heavily on Dan Abramov's It is hosted on Zeit's now feel free to ask me anything about building it.

Also, do you think it is a good idea to post less on even if my content is less development related?


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Nick Taylor (he/him)

I’d say cross-post from your blog to DEV and if for some reason you don’t think a post makes sense on DEV, just omit from publishing it here. Having said that, posts on career advice, building a business, work/life balance seem generally welcome here as well, so maybe it makes sense to cross-post your whole new blog here.

My 2 cents πŸ˜‰

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Eric Author

Awesome! Thanks for the advice.

I have been stuck on which tags to use for those specific genres of blog writing. Which is what led me to the the aforementioned conclusion in the first place. Thinking there is no tags for what I am writing about, so there mustn't be an audience.

Glad to hear that isn't the case!

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I also have a blog, but I find it tedious to cross-post every time.

Also, I might consider cross-posting older posts.

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Eric Author

Your blog looks great! I think it's totally worth cross posting, your content looks super relevant!