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re: What projects are you working on and how are you maintaining your focus? VIEW POST


I'm working on a tonne of things!

  • improvements
  • this is my big baby that I'm taking my time to complete
  • I've just started a blog
  • I'm creating a free set of videos on developing and launching a product
  • I'm journaling so that next year I can write a book!

I actually find that with COVID-19 I've been more motivated. Just having the space to do work on any of the things I'm creating has boosted my productivity! I am also really wanting to gain financial freedom and that is a huge motivator!

I'm really looking forward to your next book! It's going to be super relevant to me πŸ˜ƒ


WHOA this is really awesome, Eric! I need to take a page from your book. I just looked at your first vlog; what are you using to record? Smartphone or a different camera?


Thanks for watching ☺️

I've so far just been using my Pixel 2 xl's front camera! The quality is definitely good enough for me right now.

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