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FIRST! - An Introduction

You are now reading my first blog post. Not just wherever you happen to be reading this, but my first blog post, ever. I am being encouraged/made-to start a technical blog by my coding boot-camp: Flatiron. Sharing my thoughts and opinions publicly, in a forum, is not something I’m naturally comfortable with, but I really love coding (whatever that means) and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be the best, and maybe help/inspire others, as well.

What to expect?

At first, you can expect articles centered around basic HTML/CSS/JS, like “making a fetch call”, or “the difference between findIndex() & indexOf()”, etc., but coming from a novice. Sharing my own struggles with a given topic will hopefully be more endearing to other novices facing similar struggles.

Who am I?

My name is Eric Hafvenstein. I’ve been learning HTML/CSS/JS for around seven months now and I’m about five weeks into a 40 week software-engineering course, on-line, with Flatiron. I’m still pretty green, but programming feels natural to me. I’m 33 years old, so thinking about all the years I should have been programming is dismaying, for sure. I was so close too! I remember, as a teenager, moving files around and hiding them from my mother in the File Explorer and using MS-DOS. I couldn’t tell you what I was doing with MS-DOS, but I did use it. I was one nudge away, but life became about more than computers and video game, I guess (mostly girls).

Although I am sad that I’m not a programmer with close to 20 years experience, I am overjoyed that I finally found something I’m this passionate about! Programming is just fun! Whenever I get a relatively complicated piece of code to execute, I feel like I cleared a grueling dungeon.


These last seven months of programming have changed my life! In fact, it’s led me to Flatiron and to here, this blog post that you’re still reading. Thanks, btw, I really appreciate you getting this far. This is the end of, what I hope is, the first of many articles I post throughout my adventures in programming.


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