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Discussion on: MVWTF: Demystifying Architecture Patterns

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Eric Donovan

I like the post! A broad overview of architectures (and with actual code samples) like this is very helpful. I personally ended up with a different conclusion for android architectures though:

For what it's worth, I don't like MVI much at all. In theory it sounds great, but in practice I've found it requires large amounts of boiler plate for even simple UIs. Once we get to non trivial UIs (multiple loading elements, form validation etc), screens seem to take days instead of hours to implement. (To be fair I am also not a massive fan of MVVM as it's typically implemented - but it's ok).

I wrote something quite similar to your article that details my thoughts on it here:

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Adam McNeilly Author

I agree, MVI is a lot of work that we don't often need for simple pages that just load and display data. If there are a lot of moving parts/components to interact with, or flows based on complex decision trees, having that unidirectional state management can help a lot, though. I just hope this post helps highlight the differences well enough that people are able to decide for themselves. :)

I like your post! Your diagrams were given much more TLC than mine haha