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ERD Lab - Free Database Design & Modeling Tool

I'm Jerry from ERDLab which is an ER Diagram Tool (100% FREE)

πŸ‘€ What?
ERDLab is a simple and intuitive entity relationship diagram tool which allows you to develop and visualize database schemas online in collaboration with your team. Saving you a lot of time in your development process.

πŸ€” Why?
My colleagues and I traditionally used desktop tools but after we switched to remote work, we looked for cloud based solutions. Surprisingly there are many online tools which work but every tool was missing something important. So we decided to create our own by copying the best features of each and adding a few of our own (Makers hate this one weird trick).

🚧 One important thing that sets ERDLab apart from other tools is that ERDLab allows you to draw your diagram two ways. Developers often prefer typing so we made a simple code editor which allows you to create your diagrams fast using your keyboard only. If you prefer no-code solution, you can simply hide/toggle the "Markup" sidebar and you can create your schema without writing a single line of code. This makes ERDLab useful not only for developers but everyone else on the team like analysts, admins and even non-technical stakeholders. 🚧

βœ… Current features:

  • Markup/Code Editor (Made for developers. If you prefer no-code, just toggle it)
  • Sleek and intuitive UI (With keyboard shortcuts)
  • Fast & Reliable (Built for enterprise level teams. Can support 1000+ tables)
  • Powerful Visualization (Object coloring including table, fields and relationship colors)
  • Forward/Reverse Engineering (Import/Export of MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Snowflake)
  • Team Collaboration (Read Only + Read/Write)
  • Export (PDF + Image)
  • Version Control (View edit history and switch as needed)
  • Multiple View Types (Table names only + Relationships only + more)
  • Multiple Tabs (Work on multiple projects. Copy/Clone between multiple schemas)
  • Schema Explorer (View list of all your tables & fields. Hide/Show as needed)
  • Notes & Comments (Leave notes on canvas. Use comments to communicate with team) Too many to list here. Please watch the video above or better yet visit yourself (Login as guest, no registration required!)

πŸ‘€ Coming soon:

  • DB Conversions (Convert one DB type to another with one click)
  • Embed your schemas
  • Templates (100s of ready to use templates)

πŸš€ Future Roadmap:

  • Subject Areas (Great for large schemas)
  • Additional View Types
  • Real-time Collaboration with edit history
  • Support for more DBs including NoSQL DBs
  • Migrations and Integrations

πŸŽ™ PS β€” What do you think we should prioritize next? A lot of our features were inspired by our own needs and what other tools were offering but we waited too long to get feedback from real users and would love to learn from the community. Please share your feedback and drop us your ideas in the comments! Thank you again for all your support.


ERDLab Team

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Miftaul Mannan

Has some weird bugs on column types for SQL Server. The following types give an error:

  1. uniqueidentifier
  2. nvarchar

The relation type has a weird limitation, no 'many to one' option.

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ERD Lab - Free Data Modeling Tool

Please try it out and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from Dev community