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Are programming language only in English?

No, programming languages aren't limited to English. Although there are programming languages made to support other languages, English is still the most widely used language in programming due to historical factors and widespread adoption. Say for instance:

  1. In Chinese: Programming languages with Chinese character and syntax support include "Charm" and "Chineasy."

  2. Documentation: Russian is supported by a number of programming languages, including Sapphire and PascalABC.NET.

  3. Japanese:ย Two programming languages with support for Japanese are "Ruby" and "GyaO".

  4. Korean:ย Programming languages "Koremutake" and "ZetScript" support the Korean language.

To make programming easier for people who speak those languages, these languages usually provide documentation, keywords, and syntax in those languages. It is noteworthy because the majority of programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and documentation are available in English, making it the de facto lingua franca in the field of programming.

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