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Are programming and coding the same thing?

In everyday speech, the terms "programming" and "coding" are frequently used interchangeably, however their meanings might vary slightly according on the situation. A summary is provided below:

  1. Programming - Programming is the more general process of writing a set of instructions (or code) that instructs a computer on how to carry out a given function or resolve an issue.

It include creating :

algorithms, outlining a program's logic, organizing data, and putting solutions into practice using a programming language.

"- Problem-solving, designing algorithms, testing, debugging, and software architecture are all included in programming.

  1. Coding: - Coding is a subset of programming in which the actual lines of code needed to implement a solution are written in a programming language.

"- It focuses on converting the syntax, commands, and constructions of a programming language into the logic and algorithms of a program.

"- Writing, revising, and repairing code are all part of the coding process. Code must also be arranged into modules and functions.

To summarize, the process of designing and developing software solutions is known as programming, whereas the act of writing the code necessary to make those solutions function is known as coding.

Consider the process of addressing problems all the way through to implementation when you think of programming, and consider coding as the actual work where you write the lines of code.

Despite their close relationship and frequent interchangeability, these phrases have different meanings when taken into consideration.

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