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24 days of #javaScriptmas and a fresh start

What’s it all about?
JavaScriptmas is a 24 day coding challenge which is the brain-child of the team at

A fresh start,
Some time ago I decided to quit my job.

I had been working for various companies in the city where I worked with great people but just didn't feel fulfilled or I wasn't learning anything new (like many others I suspect). So I decided something needed to change and I took the plunge into a career break to learn some new skills...exciting!

Fast forward to now...

Since then, a lot has happened. I thought that I'm from an IT background so I can give coding a go, I'll be back into a job in a few months. Easy transition right? You'd think... but at times I have honestly found it hard.

Not hard because I didn't understand, hard because life issues got in the way to start with. I moved house twice which took a lot of time out of my learning. I got a rescue dog(not a walk in the park 🦮). I went from yes this is the right career path to periods of demotivation and distraction with the other busy parts of my life. I was close to giving up.

But I think sometimes you have to go through it to bounce back.

So I decided to start again, things have calmed down in my life and now is the right time. I'm loving the journey. Each victory (large or small) makes me more determined than ever before.

Somewhere down the road I'm hoping to be a front-end, possibly full-stack dev and so what better way to practice and improve my code then by participating in #javaScriptmas. 🎉😊

Day 1 Solution - Candies
Day 2 Solution - Deposit Profit
Day 3 Solution - Chunky Monkey
Day 4 Solution - Century From Year
Day 5 Solution - Reverse A String
Day 6 Solution - Sort By Length
Day 7 Solution - Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8 Solution - Rolling Dice
Day 9 Solution - Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10 Solution - Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11 Solution - Avoid Obstacles
Day 12 Solution - Valid Time
Day 13 Solution - Extract Each Kth
Day 14 Solution - Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15 Solution - Javascript Carousel
Day 16 Solution - Insert Dashes
Day 17 Solution - Different Symbols Niave
Day 18 Solution - Array Previous Less
Day 19 Solution - Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20 Solution - Domain Type
Day 21 Solution - Sum of Two
Day 22 Solution - Extract Matrix Column
Day 23 Solution - Twitter App
Day 24 Solution - Test Your Agility


I really enjoyed these challenges, Day 23 especially. My finest moment I think as I managed to get a handle on cleaner code during this particular challenge.
Day 24 was already coded and we just had to fill in the missing parts but I liked the fact I got to hide and show the try again button.

Overall I am learning that I really need to focus my development on working with objects, iteration and keeping my code dry.

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