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Announcing epiblog

Announcing epiblog, an all-new blog for epispot, epidemiology, or anything related to epispot! Now, if you’re reading this, I presume you already know about epiblog, so let me explain exactly what epiblog is. epiblog is a community of developers and fans of epispot, where you can share ideas and code through blogging. You can subscribe through RSS to get updates on epiblog.

How to Write

First, read the contributing guidelines, and submit a PR to the github repo. Yes, it’s that simple.

Release Notes

In addition to normal articles, in-depth info about new releases for the epispot package or any of our other creations will be published here, and announcements for epispot.

That’s it!

Yep, that’s it. You now know about epiblog. Ready, set, Blog!

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