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Discussion on: Compile Podcast Ep 11: Can WFH be productive?

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I've adapted quite nicely. The key thing is to start and finish at defined times. For me its 9:00am. Sometimes I get up late and am literally rushing to "get to work" and am 5 minute late to log on. It works though

Secondly, I'd agree - a dedicated work area is very important.

The rest, I find a lot better. The equipment I have is better. I don't have 3 hours of commute each day. I can actually find a desk every morning (no hot desking). I can wear comfortable clothes. I can take 10 minutes out and use the skipping rope outside. So many advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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Nick Wu Author

Glad to hear that you are settling into WFH nicely!

3-hour commute is a huge save of time and can be applied in so many things too. I wonder if you have used it for work, or personal/social purposes?

Lastly, thanks for checking out the episode! Share it if you can, cheers!