Ehehehe, well, the title itself says "My girl", so maybe we subconsciously used that term. The debate shouldn't be about the terms. It should be about ideas that can help them.

So, final word is, let's wait for her response and continue further on.

@alex The the power of silence is valuable when choosing not to address the intent of the person asking the question positively, but actually turning the whole discussion into something else, which is objectively a rude thing to do.

Additionally not every culture sees the same words the same way as you do, so you are meeting his question with intolerance. Why because words, emphasis, culture, etc are not viewed the same way by everyone. He may not even have the same linguistic background to you, you choose to preach over address his intent.

Tolerance is a two way street and getting on a soapbox because the guy didn't spend 10min to write 3 lines in an off the cuff question shouldn't detract from his intent which is clearly meant to be 'he wants to include his wife. He's listening to her and wants her to feel included. He loves her so much that he's asking his peers for help so he can do right by her'.

Sounds like you are the guy who needs a lesson on how 'words' can affect others. You need to look at yourself and ask will others now feel 'unsafe' to ask questions for fear their language skills aren't good enough. Is that the world you want?

This post is 'wife' supported. ;)

Thanks for giving me something to consider. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I know I’m far from perfect, but every thing I do is with the best intent. I’ll take your thoughts into consideration to help me continue to grow. Cheers!

Now that's the best answer ever! Never gotten that one yet. I respect you man. I may not always agree with you, but i respect you. Have a great weekend.

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