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Discussion on: Story: Is it worth it to outsource tech in low cost countries ?

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

So you are saying they took 10k and 6 months, then delivered garbage, you will take 30k and 3 months to deliver quality. Quality comes with a heavy price. Does the client have ability to pay 30k in 3 months?

I know for a fact the actual development cost will go way down if he hire the right team. In fact many companies offshore the actual development to low cost countries and reap the profits being the middleman.

You are right on some points, but too harsh on low cost countries.

PS: I live in a low cost country.

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Julien Leray Author

About price:
Client had at least 20k budget (he were supposed to works 6 others months with them).
Pretty sure they would have tell him they need more time after it.

For my part, when I do a contract, I fix a price and stick to it. Between uncertain 20k+ in 1+ year and 30k fixed and guarantee in results in about 3 months, I guess there is a space to think about it.

For the middleman since; yes I completely agree. But in successful companies doing it there is a strong management, hiring & training process. But most of the time it's as you say, just a matter of profit; sell projects for cheap and don't care anymore, as soon as the coders are able to do "kind of ok" stuff.

I'm maybe too harsh, but unfortunaly in my work life experience I never had the chance to work with a strong tech guy from low cost country. But sure there are genius out there too.