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Anthony Viard 🥑 for Entando

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Leverage Postman to Consume APIs Using OAuth2

My Fellow Developers -

If you haven’t heard about Postman yet, get ready to become close friends with this tool!

No matter what authentication mode you are using for APIs, Postman is a well known, functional and amazing tool for your developing needs.

Personally, I’ve used it a lot for testing & executing requests on personal and public APIs.

It’s my go-to tool to install immediately when I refresh an environment or even when upgrading to a new computer. After several years of implementation, it has easily become one of my favorite developer tools.

If you’re new to this developer tool, I admit, at first glance it can be discouraging when starting out with your configurations. Especially if you’re using the OAuth2 protocol (which is extremely popular) because it does change the way we authenticate users and APIs connections.

Enter your fearless developer, Anthony, with my newest tutorial to walk you through consuming APIs using OAuth2!

You’ll quickly learn how to create a collection, define the variables, and configure your Postman tool to retrieve tokens before adding request definitions.

Psst - this especially works well with your JHipster and Entando generated applications.


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