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Jesus Enmanuel De La Cruz
Jesus Enmanuel De La Cruz

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Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps?

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Travis Fantina

I think it depends on you and your team's capabilities as well as what you are building. If you're working with a small team, or as an individual building an information system like a sass product or anything that is more data-driven than graphical and interactive I would say hybrid is the way to go every time. If your product is more like a game or something that may not even have a web version then absolutely I'd choose Swift and Java (assuming you know them). Speaking of what you know, developers love to say they "choose the right tool for the job" but I disagree. I think the right tool is the one you know or the tool you can pick up quickly. For me, if I had to build a mobile app today I'd choose hybrid because I'm just so much more productive with a JavaScript and Ruby stack than Swift but if I was a Swift guru I'd go native.

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Jesus Enmanuel De La Cruz Author

Thank you for your answer. I'm a web developer, I already know Ionic with Angular and as you said we have to use the tools that we already know.