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Welp, my first hackathon

Virgo Clarity
My goal in life is to thrive and impact the lives of others in as many ways as I can. Shifting Reality.
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I entered my first hackathon, Oh My. 😮

One of the communities that I am a part of sent out a flyer about a Hackathon. Hmm, hackathon... I'd love to try that. Hackathons always look fun, right? Why not give it a try?

I dove in and registered. 👯

Now as a rusty newbie, how in the world do you find project ideas? The theme is Social Good. So, I may cater my project more toward the mental health arena because it seems so many people state they need help but aren't able to obtain help.

My question for you, yes you ✨
How did you prepare or what helped you on your very first hackathon?

I won't be working with a team, solo dolo. I'd love to hear feedback on how your first hackathon was and your skill level going into it.
Thanks in advance for sharing.

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