Attending remote conferences

endormi profile image Erno Salo ・1 min read

During these tough times when we're pretty much all of the time inside the house, why not use it productively?

I have started to attend remote conferences (My first conferences relating to tech & code ever) & most of them are conferences that I wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise, due to travel and conference ticket costs.

I have plans to attend Python Pizza Conf 2020, PyCon 2020 (it's not really a conference, but they are posting recorded talks, tutorials, summits & more), GitHub Satellite 2020, RedisConf 2020 & DockerCon 2020 LIVE with theCUBE.


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What are some of the conferences you are attending?
If you have attended a conference before in-person, how different is it attending one remotely?


I'll be attending the Women of React conference on April 25! It'll be the first remote conference that I'll attend and hopefully engage with folks so very curious to see how it is.


That's great!