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Permission Error - Discord.js

DiscordAPIError[50013]: Missing Permissions

Hello guys, what's up? this is my first post in this community 😃, but i'm with a trouble and i find this site, i'm with a little problem about "permissions" of my discord bot, i gave Administrator permission for bot, but every time when i finish the request to give role with a interactive button, he return this error:

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I'm using a instance of client class of Discord.js like this:

 getClient() {
        const client: any = new Client({ intents: GatewayIntentBits.Guilds });
        client.commands = new Collection();
        client.commandArray = [];
        return client
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But the problem is happening in this line:

const guild = client.guilds.cache.get("1032496332306403409");
                const member = guild.members.cache.get(
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I tried to change role of bot, or re-invite for the server with ALL cargos and with all scopes, not is happening...

If anyone have another better way to change the role of a person or make this line works, i will feel very hapiness 😁

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Thomas Bnt

Hello, maybe you don't have the right Intents 🤔

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