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7 Useful Github Repos For Developing Your Frontend Projects Faster ⚡️

✨ Instantly fetch Stack Overflow results when an exception is thrown.

GitHub logo shobrook / rebound

Command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when an exception is thrown


Rebound is a command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when an exception is thrown. Just use the rebound command to execute your file.

Placeholder Demo

Featured in: 50 Most Popular Python Projects in 2018, the top of r/Python, awesome-cli-apps, awesome-shell, terminals-are-sexy, and awesome-mac.


Requires Python 3.0 or higher.

Rebound works on MacOS, Linux, and Windows (if you use Cygwin). You can install it with pip:

$ pip install rebound-cli

or apt-get if you're using Linux:

$ sudo apt-get install rebound-cli


Running a file with rebound is just as easy as running it normally:

$ rebound [file_path]

This will execute the file, pull the error message, and let you browse related Stack Overflow questions and answers without leaving the terminal.

Supported file types: Python, Node.js, Ruby, Golang, and Java.


To make a contribution, fork the repo, make your changes and then…

💡 Look up programming languages from your command line.

GitHub logo chubin /

the only cheat sheet you need logo

Unified access to the best community driven cheat sheets repositories of the world.

Let's imagine for a moment that there is such a thing as an ideal cheat sheet What should it look like What features should it have?

  • Concise — It should only contain the things you need, and nothing else.
  • Fast — It should be possible to use it instantly.
  • Comprehensive — It should contain answers for every possible question.
  • Universal — It should be available everywhere, anytime, without any preparations.
  • Unobtrusive — It should not distract you from your main task.
  • Tutoring — It should help you to learn the subject.
  • Inconspicuous — It should be possible to use it completely unnoticed.

Such a thing exists! It's easy to install and there's even auto-complete.


  • Has a simple curl/browser/editor interface.
  • Covers 56 programming languages, several DBMSes, and more than 1000 most important UNIX/Linux commands.
  • Provides…

🔎 Search Stack Overflow from the command line.

GitHub logo samtay / so

A terminal interface for Stack Overflow

travis appveyor crates MIT

A terminal interface for StackOverflow written in Rust

example usage

While I like the acronym so, this tool would actually be better described as se: an interface to the StackExchange network. In particular one thing that differentiates it from similar tools is that you can simultaneously search any number of sites in the StackExchange network:

# search using your default configuration
$ so how do i reverse a list in python

# search for a latex solution
$ so --site tex how to put tilde over character

# use google to search,, and
$ so -e google -s askubuntu -s stackoverflow -s unix how do i install linux
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Arch Linux

You can install the AUR package so (tracks latest release) or so-git (tracks master), e.g.

yay -S so-git


You can install the package so via

pkgin install so


You can install the…

✅ Check that your project is performant and SEO friendly.

GitHub logo thedaviddias / Front-End-Checklist

🗂 The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers

Front-End Checklist

  Front-End Checklist  

🚨 Currently working on a V2 of,
feel free to discuss any feature you would like to see in the next version

The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your website / HTML page to production.

      PRs Welcome           Contributors         Front‑End_Checklist followed         CC0  

  How To UseContributingWebsiteProduct Hunt

Other Checklists:
  🎮 Front-End Performance Checklist💎 Front-End Design Checklist

It is based on Front-End developers' years of experience, with the additions coming from some other open-source checklists.

How to use?

All items in the Front-End Checklist are required for the majority of the projects, but some elements can be omitted or are not essential (in the case of an administration web app, you may not need RSS feed for example). We choose to use 3 levels of flexibility:

  • Low means that the item is recommended but can be…

🧪 Run accessibility tests on your project.

GitHub logo pa11y / pa11y

Pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal


Pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal. It runs accessibility tests on your pages via the command line or Node.js, so you can automate your testing process.

NPM version Node.js version support Build status LGPL-3.0 licensed

On the command line:

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In JavaScript:

const pa11y = require('pa11y');
pa11y('').then((results) => {
    // Do something with the results
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If you need a GUI, you can try Koa11y. It's a desktop application for Windows, OSX and Linux that uses Pa11y to run accessibility tests.

Table of contents

📝 Generate a README for your Github repo.

GitHub logo kefranabg / readme-md-generator

📄 CLI that generates beautiful files

Welcome to readme-md-generator 👋

downloads License: MIT gitmoji-changelog Twitter: FranckAbgrall

CLI that generates beautiful files.
readme-md-generator will suggest you default answers by reading your package.json and git configuration.


readme-md-generator is able to read your environment (package.json, git config...) to suggest you default answers during the creation process:



cli output

Example of package.json with good meta data:

// The package.json is not required to run README-MD-GENERATOR
  "name": "readme-md-generator",
  "version": "0.1.3",
  "description": "CLI that generates beautiful files.",
  "author": "Franck Abgrall",
  "license": "MIT",
  "homepage": "",
  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "git+"
  "bugs": {
    "url": ""
  "engines": {
    "npm": ">=5.5.0",
    "node": ">=9.3.0"
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🚀 Usage


🔐 Protect your master branch in Git from accidental deletion or rogue code.

GitHub logo dwyl / protect-master-branch

🔐 Protect your master branch from accidental deletion or rogue code (force) push

Protect Master Branch

Build Status HitCount


If you have an organisation with a lot of collaborators who all have write access to your repositories it's a really good idea to protect master from accidental deletion.


If anyone in your organisation can git push master --force and destroy all history of the repository someone could either accidentally or maliciously burn down your house!

Note: we didn't create this meme force-pushing to master is widely known to be destructive and potentially catastrophic.


This is relevant to organisations/people that have a lot of GitHub repositories and want to protect them from accidental (or malicious) destruction.



Elixir 1.5

Github API Token: You'll need a personal access token from someone with admin rights to all of the repos you want to protect. To generate a token, follow this guide from Github Help:

Your token only requires repo

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