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Nice man. Thanks to my hermano Skatox (Miguel Useche) I got your article. Nice read. I am working since this year from "the road", but based in Amsterdam... I got a team of 9 people around the globe, so I know what you mean, with waking up and getting ready and not being the guy looking like coming out of the bed. If it´s morning here I call in Tokyo, to catch my copywriter (martinahollweck.com - just amazing person) and if its midday, Mariela wakes up in Argentinia... inbetween I do a lot of short videos through skype, not video calls - real videos. To make jokes or to tell them a story from my honeymoon trip (alealife.tumblr.com) - the most important is COMMUNICATION.

That is why I give each Friday a story via Video for 5 minutes about my world trip (bike4peace.eu)

What I like in your article is the fact, that you describe a daily workflow and I agree with you... there are benefits and there are also things, that are really different from an office day.

But I am honest, I am deep inside a very free and creative person and no office and no management ever could give me the space to work, like I wanted to work. So I keep going and if you want to connect, please add me on Facbeook: Alexandros Tsachouridis Mondon

Peace and all the best from Amsterdam and thanks for your energy and the time to write this article. Very nice from your, dear Peter.


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