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Discussion on: How Did You Find Your First Dev Job?

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EMRZ • Edited on

I started learning how to code at the age of twelve, my father bought me a book called something like "Visual Basic 6 Reference Manual".

Later on i attended to a technical highschool specialized in computers and there i studied C, C#, SQL. When i graduated i started working repairing computers. When i started to feel pissed off with the PC technician job i started to look for programming jobs in local job looking web pages from my country.

I applied for a job on an insurance systems company, they required no coding experience and offered a 1 month training course. If you pass the exam, you get the job. The course consisted in VB6 and SQL training, since i already had that skills passing the exam was easy.

Basically i was blessed in the sense that at 12 years old i already knew that i wanted to be a coder.

Later VB6 started to feel boring since it's legacy tech and one year on it i already knew the whole full language since it's pretty small.

An ex co-worker recommended me on an start-up where he was working at the time and there i made the jump from client-server apps to web development and that's it.

I guess it is a mix of luck and good timing (having the right skills of course).

Keep searching, you will get your job !