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Awesome Github Repos to Master JAVASCRIPT

Let's get those who want to become JAVASCRIPT experts here. I am sharing a great list. You can support by following.

😎 A gold-worthy repo for those who don't know anything about Javascript and are curious about all the finer details.
-> You-Dont-Know-JS

😎 A great guide to Javascript that is both simple and wonderful, but also difficult and fun that seems like bullshit.
-> wtfjs

😎 A great list of videos that you can reinforce by watching as well as learning JS by reading
-> must-watch-javascript

😎 If you are wondering how popular algorithms and data structures in programming work based on javascript, here is the solution
-> javascript-algorithms

😎 a quick reference with short solutions for your development needs in javascript
-> 30-seconds-of-code

😎 We use this language, but if you are asking how to write in the most correct way, a great repo and Style Guide
-> airbnb/javascript
-> clean-code-javascript

😎 A reference for best JS practices and accepted coding standards.
-> js-the-right-way

😎 A great list of questions to test yourself in JS
-> javascript-questions
-> javascript-interview-questions

😎 A list of concepts that JS developers must know
-> 33-js-concepts

😎 If you don't know how to use this language according to ES6 standards, here is your assistant
-> ES6-for-humans

😎 Browser-based library, resources, and a list of shiny things
-> awesome-javascript

😎 Repo with cheats that you will often encounter in Modern JS
-> modern-js-cheatsheet

😎 A useful repo with useful JS tips
-> jstips

😎 Repos that make learning widely preferred JS a 30-day challenge
-> JavaScript30
-> 30-Days-Of-JavaScript

😎 You jumped to React before JS, but you are missing pure JS. Here's a boost to help you complete yourself
-> js-stack-from-scratch

😎 You learned JS. it's time to reinforce it with projects. Here is the repo with great projects
-> Awesome-JavaScript-Projects

😎 Elements to consider when developing a JS project
-> project-guidelines

😎 A great list that will increase your Node.js knowledge with practice
-> nodebestpractices

😎 You want to take your JS testing skills to the next level, here is a nice repo
-> javascript-testing-best-practices

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