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The Dangerous Loop

As Software Engineers we all know what loops are. This post is about a special kind of loop - The Learning Loop. Almost every new Software Engineer trying to learn programming will come across this phase in his or her programming pathway. Yes this loop is dangerous, please try not to get stuck in it.

Yes we all love to learn new stuff in tech, Yeah I agree it's cool, but binging online courses like Netflix series is not the way to do it. It's not going to be beneficial to you.

Once you have learned a programming language. You are no longer a newbie in some sense. You can and you should start building something as soon as possible. Maybe a simple application to calculate something, or just use your skills to light up some LEDs using an arduino.

You should take your time and build something with the knowledge you gained before moving on to a new technology. Find your interests and please stay focused.

Now that a lot of platforms are offering their programming courses for free to help people during this pandemic, I've seen a lot people taking courses over and over. There are even folks whose hobby are completing online courses. At the end of the day they learn something a thing or two about those technologies but they have no practical knowledge in what they've learnt. they haven't built anything in it. Never be like them.

Learn something, build something. Learn and Build that should be your slogan as an entry level Software Engineer.

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