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The Passport, Express and Cookie-Session dilemma.

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I recently decided to switch halfway into PHP and MariaDB SQL, to NodeJs and MongoDB. Built my first CRUD app already so I've kind of figured out how Node interacts with a DB.

Now, I'm moving onto authentication and I decided to start with oauth2.0, using precisely Google's.

Problem is, I've done everything right I think, but my app is not getting into a state of 'logged in' that's because it is saving cookies in the browser but I think the browser is not returning those cookies to the server so I'm never detected as 'logged in'.

I will leave you a link of the original article. I'm sorry. I'm new to and I don't understand its editor yet.

Here is the link:

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This has been solved and can be found on the link attached.


The link is redirecting to a page that does not exist though.

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