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Emmanuel C. Okolie
Emmanuel C. Okolie

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POV: What Is The Weirdest Thing You Know About The Framework LARAVEL

As we all know, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks but here’s what I feel, I feel it has lots of Weird abilities as a framework around it!

I want you to share your opinion on why laravel is weird!

Me: What I Find weird is the too many Upgrades, Before you master the use of Version 9, version 10 is out! and now version 11.

So this is what I find Weird. Share your Thoughts!

I Remain Emmykolic ****you can always reach out to me! Till next time Bye

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david duymelinck • Edited

The updates follow a schedule, It is not uncommon, see and
The idea is to keep up with PHP and have a more predictable time frame to upgrade.
If you are conservative you can only update when LTS versions are released. You can update to the newest version if you want the newest changes, that is up to you to decide.

The things I find weird are:

  • the use of functions like app, back, config, ... It are hidden dependencies, which make it harder to debug code. The better way of doing this is to add the dependency to the class or class method.
  • using facades instead of interfaces to do dependency binding. it is not a bad practice, but it requires an extra step to map the actual class. And it makes it harder to let the IDEs do code completion.
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Emmanuel C. Okolie

Exactly 💯 I've seen your view and they're actually weird. Thank you 🙏 sir