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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe
Emmanuel Obogbaimhe

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Starting a New Tech Job

I am honored to say that I recently just got a new job which I will be starting next Monday. Still the same role (Software Engineer) but the stack is almost completely different and more responsibilities. I have this week to relax and prepare for the job. Any tips/advice on how to transition into the new job?

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Grzegorz Ziemonski

Congratulations on the new job!

My piece of advice would be to try to quickly get something serious to do and prefer tasks, which make you feel out of your comfort zone over the easy stuff. You want to grow and become a strong participant from early on, not the guy who sits on the sidelines and picks up the scraps. I've tested this on myself and a few newjoiners and it always worked great.

Good luck and grats again!

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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe

Good advice. Thanks man!

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Andrew Smith


In terms of once you actually start the job try spending time investigating the codebases, maybe look back through old tickets and the Version Control history to learn how the codebases has grown.

Oh and most importantly, ask questions! Learn as much as you can from the devs there, that'll be your biggest source of information that you'll need to know for the role.