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How to Become a better Developer?

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Brock Caldwell

Find a tool you want to learn and stick with it all the way through. I often find myself trying to learn a new tool/technology and spend a couple days with it and then move onto something else. More recently, I've been staying focused on what I want to learn and am seeing a lot of improvement.

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Julien Dephix

Like others said it's not really the language that matters but concepts. So pick a language you feel a connection with and apply generic concepts (KISS, DRY etc) using said language.
Then if later in your career you have to work with another language then it's just a matter of "translating" the concepts and methodology to the new language.

Also, get to know git as it's pretty much compulsory now.
Get used to the concept of branches, pull requests (or merge requests depending on the nomenclature), how to resolve conflicts etc. You'll be doing this on a daily basis so better be good at it.

Then code, read code, code and read code. Repeat. Every day.
Decide on a project and take it to the end. Get feedback. Improve. Repeat.

When I was learning PHP I decided to implement a forum engine using just a text editor. Not an IDE. A text editor. No auto completion, no parameter hints, no copy-pasting either. Nothing.
I used a single screen, and still do, so that forced me into reading and remembering the documentation. Read, understand, remember, use. Repeat.
Hardcore but it was effective!

Most importantly: have fun coding! ⌨️

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Dennis Tobar

Hi, I recommend learning the language basics: iterators, conditionals, functions, etc., then following with good practices from language and how to apply them (i.e., using Prettier, PSR-12, or an automatic tool). Lastly, learn design patterns and refactoring to extend your journey.

Be excellent in one language and learn how to do easy things in other languages (i.e., learn perfect python and an outstanding level of JS) to make your journey easier.

Read, read and read a lot.