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Emmanuel Onwuegbusi
Emmanuel Onwuegbusi

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Outreachy | Introduce Yourself


I am Emmanuel (He/Him) from Nigeria. I'm a Software developer and Currently an intern for Ersilia in Outreachy. I enjoy writing code(Most importantly, code that impacts humanity positively). I am highly interested in learning new technologies, improving my skills, contributing to open source software and sharing knowledge.

I currently enjoy listening to music and podcasts. When you meet me in person, you are most likely going to see me with an earphone 😄 😄

My Core Values

I will put down three of my core values that describes me as a person. These include Creativity, Love and Growth.

I believe we as human are Creative being and each posses excellent characteristics and we should never lose touch of our creative self in everything we do.

I like to live my life with love and I always try to remind myself to apply it to my daily life.

I also like to learn new things and to grow as human. While I grow, I like to also assist others improve.

What motivated me to apply to Outreachy?

I applied to Outreachy as it provides me an opportunity to develop my programming abilities and gain exposure to alot more real-world projects, and also learn from experienced mentors.

Outreachy creates an avenue for me to contribute to a project that has high positive impact on society and humanity which is what my mentoring organization(Ersilia) is doing.

I also applied to expand my professional network and connect with industry experts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more as I will be blogging more often.

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