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Discussion on: What's the one thing you always need to google?

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Emma Goto 🍙

The shorthand form of css padding - e.g. when you do padding: 8px 0 I can never remember which sides it applies to.

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Always clockwise. If one to all. If two, two opposite starting from top. If three top right side common buttom. If four clockwise from top. This is how I remember

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Thank you, I've just been switching the values around until it works for the past 8 years. Kept forgetting to just look it up and keep it as a stickynote on my desk

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Robert • Edited

For real! Me too

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You can always use the long-form: padding-top, padding-right, padding-bottom, padding-left. There can be advantages to using the long-form as well if you don't want to override some parent style by accident.

I generally prefer using em (e.g. 7px is ~0.3em) rather than px for most padding and margins. That way, if someone enlarges the page, the padding/margins scale up too and keeps the presentation looking nice and spaced out properly without expending any extra effort. I use px in select (aka rare) locations where something needs to remain 'x' pixels from a specific edge regardless of text size.