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Discussion on: How to take smart notes (as a developer)

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Emma Goto 🍙

Wow thanks so much for writing that out (you could probably write a blog post on that system!). I'm really impressed you're doing handwritten notes for programming stuff.

What sort of things are you trying to memorize? Is it everything and anything or are there specific things you're focusing on?

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Things which I want to have quick reffer I try to note in .md files, but things I want to remember and understand I write also or only on my paper note cards.

For example:

  • how strict mode works in js, what are the differents?
  • what are webhooks?
  • some common methods (for example array methods in JS)
  • when I read paper books it is easier for me to take notes on paper too
  • answers for common interview questions

The benefit of it is easy repetition. You remember less if you write on keyboard and it is harder to test your knowledge. My notes stack is not only for programming related stuff, but for all kind of knowledge. I don't make categories - like I said, I simplify everything :)
I'm not sure if it is a right answer for your question.

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Emma Goto 🍙

That answers it - thanks! I could definitely see myself doing this for certain JavaScript concepts.