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Discussion on: What is the future of remote work in software development?

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In my company it worked pretty well to work completely remote. Furthermore there are a lot of cool things like Live Coding extensions for most common IDEs. That is great.
But by the time I started to miss being in the office. Meaning having small talks with non dev related co-workers and furthermore seeing people. Especially on conflicts (which everyone has...its software development) its way better to clear the air with face to face talks. Or mostly conflicts don't arise when things are discussed within one room.

But still from home its easier to handle family stuff. Its great not to be away for too long and yet still work really concentrated.

The worst thing from my point of view is that my flat is really small so I don't have a dedicated workspace. I work from my kitchen table with only a laptop. Moving is mostly not an option since you need to pay more for more space and you only move because you need office space