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Resolving 'Must use import to load ES Module' error while using Sequelize ORM and ES6 syntax in Node.js"

Recently, I attempted to set up a Node.js project using the Sequelize ORM and ES6 syntax. While creating migrations, I encountered an error stating "Must use import to load ES Module: /Users/[user_path]/project_name/src/migrations/[migration_name] require() of ES modules is not supported."

The error suggested three solutions:

  • Rename the migration file to end with .cjs
  • Use the import() function instead of require()
  • Remove "type": "module" from the root directory's package.json

However, I was reluctant to use any of these solutions as they would have required extensive changes to my codebase. Instead, I turned to the web for more information and found a simple solution.

The fix involved creating a new package.json file in the migrations folder with the following code:

  "type": "commonjs"
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This change allowed my code to run successfully. If you have any other suggestions for resolving this issue, please let me know.

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I just came to say that you stopped me from "doing some extensive changes to my codebase". Thank you :D

emekaofe profile image

Glad to hear that