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Discussion on: How to mint 10000 NFTs on Opensea

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Emanuel Ferreira Author

Hello Bikram, maybe the upload image selector was updated , so he dont find the file input, you can try use the dev tools to see the new upload image selector

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Bikram Gyawali

Thankyou Emanuel I came to the next error that is not included in this tutorial maybe you can help
so the thing i am doing is to sign the wallet signature of metamask , this step is not included here , So what I did is just made new instance of the metamask sign page

const newpage = await browser.newPage();
await newpage.goto(`chrome-extension://${extensionID}/${extensionEndURL}`);
await pageTimeout(4000, page);

const button = await page.$("body:nth-child(2)"); // problematic selector
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Here the second child is the sign button on clicking that our item gets added to the Collection.
I need your help here and this is the only one tutorial all over the internet i can get.Thanks for that also followed you on github.
your help is greatly appreciated

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Bikram Gyawali

problem solved hahahh my blunder mistake . Thankyou Emanuel for this content
now i will be doing all the selling automation with likes hahahhaha.
I might be back here again for those coming errors hehe.