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How to build complex UIs with Flutter for beginners

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Understanding how to build UIs in flutter can be very confusing for beginners.

In my opinion, Flutter is the easiest framework for building UIs, though there are no drags and drops, every component is coded. I think this is where most beginners find it difficult.

We will be explaining how every single component is built, how to understand UI structures and draw them. We will also make sure they are responsive, that is they can fit to different mobile screens.

We will not be drawing for the web in this series. We will also do a YouTube series on it. I encourage you to stay with us on this series, at the end you will be able to comfortably draw complex UIs on your own.

As we begin the series, you can ask your questions, github link will be made available for download. We will start with a simple screen to complex ones.

Thanks for reading, we will start in the next article.

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