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My first-week experience in TaskForce 5.0

I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period, and time has gone by so quickly.

The depth and detail of what we are learning are far beyond any other experience I’ve ever had. 16 personalities section was interesting because it’s a time dedicated to learning your personality by answering a few questions. I was surprised by how accurate the results were and I was shocked because it was like a person was looking inside my mind and telling me what they saw. I was also introduced to codewars challenges which were challenging but helpful to sharpening my problem-solving skills.

User Stories
This week was mostly concerned with working with user stories and this was my favorite section because my project management skill has improved significantly. The agile process helped me understand a project not only from a technical perspective but also in business value and its impact on the community. I can understand and write good user stories and allocate them with their acceptance criteria. I learned how the agile process is of benefit to higher product quality, greater client satisfaction, risk reduction, and better project control.

Remote working
My remote working and presentation skills have improved during this week. I’ve learned the best practices of a virtual meeting and how to prepare and deliver a good presentation. I was also introduced to a new collaborative tool called miro, which is an online whiteboard that helps distributed teams to work effectively.

To round off this week, we had our first presentation and we got to meet with Awesomity lab’s team. We proceed with having fun where we played football and ping pong. it was an amazing experience and made me realize how good it is CoA and Awesomity lab’s culture.

Time has been flying by and it’s hard to believe that we have been on boot camp for a week already. Life at boot camp is a great experience that I plan to make the most out of.

My experience so far is not limited to the above mentioned, they are many. I can only describe my experience so far as impressive.

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