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How to remove unwanted files in a commit but keep it locally

When I was working, I accidentally put package.lock.json and yarn.lock.json in a commit, I just notice this mistake in the last minutes before I submit merge request.

How I can away with this situation

// remove package.lock.json and yarn.lock.json from git

git rm -cached package-lock.json
git rm -cached yarn-lock.json 

git add . 

git commit 

git push 
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The ‘—-cached’ is the magic, In simple explanation I keep package.lock and yarn.lock in my computer because I still need those file, but I removed it from the staging area so it won’t appeared.


You can also remove multiple files at once by listing them all in the command like this:

git rm <file_name_1> <file_name_2> <file_name_3> --cached

git rm -cached package-lock.json yarn-lock.json
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