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Beginning Cyber-Security practice.

Cyber Security is one of the most lucrative fields in computer science that is registering streams of new learners and professionals.
The massive move from analogue to digital data has greatly led to this migration.

Here are some vital resources you could use to make your learning path smooth. You could moreso use them to practise and affirm the skills you have learnt.

1. - Exploit education is a platform with a variety of resources for learning vulnerability analysis, software debugging, exploit development, binary analysis and general cyber security issues.

2. - This refers to a collection of exploitable Virtual Machines where you can practise penetration without fear of infringement policies.

3. - It is an online forum/platform that provides different challenges to your Cyber Security skills. The skills are not limited to: cryptography, forensics, Hacking etcetera.

4. Command Challenge - This is a platform where you get to practise your bash commands. It is simple and friendly to use since it instructs you on the command execution.

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