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re: This is generally the sober truth, but...... Java's interop must make with other JVM stuff is definitely notable. And the proprietary Oracle conce...

the proprietary Oracle concerns

I think Oracle Legal threw the towel into that ring. Java is only becoming more and more a community owned platform. All commercial features from the original Java distribution have become part OpenJDK which is the default JVM distribution/reference implementation. I think Oracle is going to try to earn money by delivering an alternate Java runtime which is currently named GraalVM. It's open source and free for non-commercial use. It provides a whole bunch of interesting things which companies might be interested in to pay for.

Java as a language is also picking up speed again. Unless JetBrains is going to open Kotlin and make it a community language I think it will eventually lose from new-Java.

If the Oracle/Java debacle showed anything it is that for a single company to try to keep control over a technology can lead to its downfall, or lack of success.

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