Discussion on: Do you prefer startup or corporate life?

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I've worked at one startup and a few corporate places.

A startup requires a fair amount of personal dedication and belief in the company and it's mission. You have to be able to get along with everyone around you and confront any problems that come up. It is not easy to work at a startup. You will feel both constant pressure, but also constant support from your coworkers. It is an amazing feeling to go through the journey of growing a company with your coworkers (who quickly become your friends).

My corporate jobs have been a lot more comfortable and laid back. You don't have people constantly pushing you to be better. You have people asking you to meet expectations. You will probably have much better pay and benefits which can be important if you are focusing on family instead of career.

I think if you want to push yourself and grow as a professional, you will gain much more from a startup. Right now I prefer startup life :)

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Duc Nguyen

"You don't have people constantly pushing you to be better." - This is so true! People just care about your work results. They won't tell you to go study this one new technology because it'll help you in your skills but because it'll be used in the next project.