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I've started a personal wiki

I've started a personal wiki

You can find it here!

I have lots of projects, some are work, some are for fun, and in all of them I spend a lot of time learning new things

Frustratingly, I can't remember them all :(

I've read a lot about the value of keeping an engineering notebook/journal, and it's all something I agree with! I've attempted this in the past, but never really got anywhere with it.

I've tried keeping a notes.txt file, but eventually I find organisation becomes a bit of a hassle. Plus I like nice shiny things with emojis and images, my text editor isn't great for those ✨

I've tried paper notebooks - much as they appeal to me, I'm a disaster with them. I lose them, forget them, spend ages finding the perfect pen and paper combo, and then in the end I end up sad because my handwriting is comparable to the death spasms of a spider after falling in an inkwell.

I love looking at the fancy bullet journals some people have, but I have neither the neatness nor the patience to do something like that for myself. Plus I can hardly paste a code snippet onto paper

Really, I want 1) markdown and 2) a nice way of rendering my markdown

So, I've setup a little personal wiki! I'm keeping it separate from my blog because I'd rather have somewhere I feel ok to dump random shitty code snippets without caring too much. Maybe eventually things from there will make their way over here

It's running on my lab (something I'll explain another time), and is basically just a hugo static site. You can find the git repo here -

I'll see how it goes, because generally for writing I prefer to have a web UI that I can access from any device, really easily. But I suspect I'll mostly be wanting to write to this when I'm at a computer anyway. Plus, I've been playing with some mobile SSH clients that are... surprisingly nice 🤔

Let me know if you have any questions

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