Discussion on: What's the most complex project you have ever done or been part of?

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I think the most complex was when I was at Microsoft as a developer developing Visual Studio.

The next most complex was at Microsoft working on the developer tools for Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11.

My current project is Photoshop at Adobe. The complexity there is largely due to the 30 year old codebase, which brings with it a lot of interesting challenges.

The project that I had the most fun with, which was still quite complex, was at Starkey Hearing Technologies. We used C# on .NET, on the Visual Studio IDE with NUnit, NCrunch, Resharper, and WPF/XAML (an amazing technology from Microsoft in its own right). If you are using C# and doing TDD, I strongly urge you to use NCrunch... it's nothing short of magical.

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That's a lot of experience, awesome 🤩