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Session 3 Create Github Site

The Topics Of the Lesson are:

  • Back to local linux PC
  • Create repository for Github pages site (on Github)
  • Clone for create repository localy (on PC)
  • Download and install the git client from git-scm
  • In Windows, git-bash application
  • Setup local git configure (add, commit, config, etc.)
  • Create private/public key pair
  • Push changes (git push)
  • Congif repository (on Github-settings)
  • Creating the Github page using Markdown
  • Push more changes (git status, add, commit, log. etc.)
  • The Github page after changes
  • Adding images to our Github page (add another file)
  • Push images and more changes (git status, add, commit, etc.)
  • Jekyll (from Markdown to Github)


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