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Eli H. Schei
Eli H. Schei

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A list of useful git resources + cheat sheet

I’ve been collecting a list of usefull resources to learn, and get better in useing, git. And I thought I would share it with you. I also created a cheat sheet with the commands I use the most. I keep both the list and the cheat sheet in a github repository – feel free to add to them if you know about some good resources that I havn’t mentioned here.

I will try to keep this blogpost up to date, but you can always find the newest version on github.


Note: Resources that cost money are marked with 💰. I’m not sponcored by any of these. These are resources I found usefull myself.





Cheat Sheet

A git cheat sheet that shows my most used git commands
Click here for the image in full size. Or here for the markdown version.

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