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Elina Kukalo
Elina Kukalo

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How do you become a 10x developer, and is the game worth the candle?

As the internet tells us, a 10x developer is someone who's 10 times more productive and efficient than an average member of their team.
The question is: Can you acquire such a superpower through lots of hard work and years of experience, or does it emerge from a sort of natural talent one is born with?
And most importantly: Do 10x developers even exist?
What do you think? 🙂

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Jay Jeckel

Yes, 10x devs exist; anyone that says otherwise has simply had the grave misfortune of never seeing one of these marvels work. I've only seen two of them in twenty years in the tech world and watching them create was a wonder to behold.

Can anyone be a 10x dev? I'd say it's a pretty solid, no. It definitely takes something extra, some in born talent, to push a dev's ability to that next order of magnitude over a typical skilled 2x or even 5x dev.