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Basic Web Development Languages

Web development as the core aspect of a website is no doubt broad, but when broken down it can be easily tackled with everyone taking their parts.

Web development has three different categories i.e

  • Front-End/Client-Side Web Development.
  • Back-End/Server-side Web Development.
  • Full-stack Web Development.
  • So I will categorize each language to the category of which they belong in web development.

    Follow me.

    Front-end web development Languages:

  • Markup Languages: Markup languages are purely about the pages/contents on websites. With markup languages, you can display a “Hello World” or more on your website. They contain the page’s semantic content and structures.
  • HTML5 is the updated and current version of HTML, I recommend you learn it. I will let you know where to learn it from later in this article.

  • Style Sheets: Style sheets are computer languages used to style web pages/contents. With style sheets, you can change the content’s color, font, size, etc. You can also add animations in a website with style sheets
  • Examples of style sheets are

    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),
    • Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass) etc.

    CSS is foremost popular and easy to learn. Where and how to learn it will be stated later in this article.

    • Scripting Languages: Scripting languages contains a series of commands within a file that is capable of being executed without being compiled. Sounds complex but this is it, scripting languages control the behavior of web pages/contents.

      Examples of scripting languages are

      • Actionscript,
      • JavaScript,
      • Dart,
      • TypeScript etc.

      Note: Scripting languages are the only programming languages in all of the front-end web development languages. The others can be referred to generally as just languages or computer languages. When you dive deeper, you will know more about this.

      I recommend learning JavaScript or Typescript. But if you must go for TypeScript, then try getting acquainted with JavaScript.

      In a nutshell, to be a front-end web developer, languages you should know are HTML(5), CSS, and JavaScript, with just these three; you will flourish in front-end web development.

      Back-End Web Development Languages:

      Not many languages are necessary to learn here; with the knowledge of JavaScript you can become a successful back-end developer, you just need to be exposed to run-time environments like NodeJs and Deno as well as a lot of packages to learn.

      More on these run-time environments will be discussed in the future.

      Other languages (some of which are Server-Side scripting languages) for back-end web developers are

      • PHP,
      • SQL,
      • Java,
      • Python,
      • Ruby etc.

      In conclusion, when you know what kind of web developer you want to be, with this article you will know what to learn and what not to learn.

      As a front-end developer you should be familiar with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript basically.

      As a back-end developer you should be familiar with PHP if not NodeJs, Python, or any other server-side scripting language, you should also be familiar with some database languages like SQL.

      As a full-stack developer, well you need to be familiar with both front-end and back-end languages.

      So that's it guys, don't forget to hit the like button and leave a comment. See you next time, until then; "Keep Coding ❤️"

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    adnanbabakan profile image
    Adnan Babakan (he/him)

    Thanks for your post but I think you needed a little bit more research before writing.
    Here are some things you need to take care of in your post:
    First of all, Dart is a compiled language and not an interpreted language. It can both be compiled to native machine code or JavaScript so it is better not to consider it as a scripting language.
    Currently, the only supported language for front-end is JavaScript (except for WASM which is a relatively new technology).
    Interpreted languages are not the only languages capable of running in front-end thanks to WASM. Any language that has a WASM compilation target can be used such as C/C++, Python, Rust, PHP, Go and etc.
    MySQL is not a programming language but rather a database software that uses a relational paradigm. To communicate with MySQL you can use a language called SQL.

    elijahtrillionz profile image
    Elijah Trillionz Author

    Thanks for the info

    shadowtime2000 profile image
    shadowtime2000 • Edited on

    Python can't be used in the frontend without a backend to run it. MySQL isn't a programming language it is a database engine.

    elijahtrillionz profile image
    Elijah Trillionz Author

    Thank you for the correction. I actually meant server scripting language for python, but then I put it in the wrong place.