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How I applied at Google when I was only 19 and made it in

Many people ask me how I managed to get into Google back when I was 19, and I have to say - it is not the regular success story.

Being a Software Engineer at Google was my dream since I was 13 years old when I got my first internship as a Web Developer at a german banking company.

Until I was 18, I had some more Software Engineering Internships (also at SAP) and studied Computer Science while still in High School.

➡️ When I first applied, I GOT REJECTED 7 TIMES.

All these rejections were very generic, and I decided to look out for someone to refer me to Google.

A friend of a friend worked at Google, and after a chat, she decided to refer me to Google. I got rejected another time, and she referred me again - then I got an invitation for an interview, joined as an intern and later became a Full Time Software Engineer at #Google!

Want to achieve anything? Be persistent! 🚀

Comment if you want to hear more about the interviews and the process or why I finally left Google!

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thanks for the valuable advice.

mainstreetswagger profile image

how did the bank admited you to internship at your 13y?

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Elias Groll

I interpret your question in two ways:

  1. It is possible in Germany to have a bank account at 13 years old, if your parents allow it

  2. It was meant for students, I even found the link to it if someone wants to do it today (below). Interestingly, it was the stepping stone to work part time for more than a year there.