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Mobile App Development for a beginner

Hello all, I want to become a mobile app developer but I need guidance on which language to start with. I'm also interested in learning with project based tutorials.
Thank you all.

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You are confused about which language to start with, I will consider you want to learn native android app development. Hence you might be confused with either choosing Java or Kotlin .
Now, there can be two cases one that you total newbie to the programming world i.e. NO experience with any line of codes , then you should definitely go with Java, from the learning point of view as its old and well-established language which will help you in being conceptually stronger, and after that, you can move to Kotlin slowly, as its an undefying fact that Kotlin is Official language now for android development and because, it provides more than Java in many terms e.g its save more time, It's Interoperable with JAVA too.
Other case might be that you are you had prior experience of programming in any language, you can Start with Kotlin directly then...
One thing for sure pick up any language on your what you like and comfortable with and start learning android, don't waste much time just thinking
In my case I like java much I started with it in future I will move to Kotlin for using its advantages

For knowing whats to learn in detail you can go check out my recent blog :-What to Learn to get started with Android App Development?
It will help you😄 .
Yes! and here you will find such project-based learning courses link too, all from the Google, aka the best coach for android😅